The School of International Law (CUPL) got her present name in 2002. International law in CUPL was assessed as the key discipline by the Ministry of Justice in 1998, and as the key discipline of Beijing in 2002. It became the nation’s key discipline with all the other disciplines of law in CUPL in 2007. School of International Law has a reasonably structured and highly internationalized teaching staff after years of development. It has 44 full-time academic staff members and 38 part-time professors in Public International Law, Private International Law and International Economic Law. The teaching staff of School of International Law has covered all the subjects in International Law. By the end of 2010, the teaching staff of Si Law has published about 200 monographs (including 7 in English) and more than 700 articles (including 90 in English). A large part of the professors are holding key positions in national academic communities or serving as consultants in legislative, judicial and administrative organs. School of International Law has about 300 undergraduate students and about 100 graduate and PhD. Students, with international law as their specialty each year. Since 1989, School of International Law (including its predecessor the Department of International Economic Law) has trained more than 5,000 undergraduates, graduates and doctoral students, as well as many professionals. School of International Law started to offer English courses for foreign LL.M. and PhD. students in September 2006. Up to September 2011, a total number of more than 60 students from more than 20 countries enrolled in this program. School of International Law also has held summer schools, international exchanges many times to connect School of International Law with the world.


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