International students

International Law School started to offer English courses for foreign LL.M. and PhD. students in September 2006. Up to September 2011, a total number of more than 60 students from all over the world enrolled in this program. They are from the United States, Canada, South Korea, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Indonesia, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, India and other countries and territories. Moreover, International Law School has established long-term student exchange programs and other cooperation projects with some well-known universities from the United States, Netherlands, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong and other countries and territories. Dozens of students have participated in such programs.

International Law School has successfully held summer exchange program for ten years and received more than 500 students from Canada, France, Malaysia and other countries. This summer program offers foreign students an opportunity to study Chinese law and get an idea of International Law School CUPL, which has won a good reputation for CUPL. In addition, we held the first “Training Program for Canadian Lawyers in Chinese Business Law” with the University of Montreal in Canada in June 2011.

The professors of International Law School carry out various academic communications with renowned scholars of related fields all over the world to share their research achievements and enlarge their academic influence. At the same time, many well-known foreign professors and scholars are invited to International Law School to make academic exchange and give lectures to students. These activities have greatly enlivened the academic atmosphere and benefited the study of the students.

Domestic students
  • Undergraduate

    International Law School has about 300 undergraduate students each year, with law as their specialty. It also has about 100 graduate and PhD. students each year, with international law as their specialty. International Law School has developed a stable course structure for undergraduate students with public international law, private international law and international economic law as the core courses. Under these three major courses, International Law School has offered other optional courses for further research. The postgraduate training comprises special topics on public international law (including international environmental law and international human rights law), private international law (including international civil procedure and arbitration), international economic law (including WTO legal system) and air and space law. The PhD. training comprises public international Law, private international Law, international economic law, international environmental law and the law of the sea. Since 1989, International Law School (including its predecessor the Department of International Economic Law) has trained more than 5,000 undergraduates, graduates and doctoral students, as well as many professionals. They have made a great contribution to the state and society after their graduation.