International students

Name: HUO Zhengxin


Associate Professor of Law, China University of Political Science and Law

PhD of Wuhan University in June 2005, specializing in private international law, comparative law and international culture property law.


Present Professional Position:

Associate Professor of Law at School of International Law of CUPL

Deputy Director of the Institute of Private International Law at CUPL


Professional Affiliation:

Associate Member of the Centre for Private International Law at the Law School of the University of Aberdeen, the United Kingdom

Member of China Law Society

Member of China Society of Private International Law


Awards and Honors

9/2011          Outstanding Faculty of China University of Political Science and Law

11/2009         Outstanding Scholarship of Philosophy and Social Sciences issued by Ministry of Education of the PRC

1/2009         Outstanding Scholarship of Philosophy and Social Sciences of Hubei Province

12/2008        Outstanding Scholarship of Philosophy and Social Sciences of Beijing City

12/2007        Champion of the 4th Teaching Competition of China University of Political Science and Law

4/2003        Certificate of Participation Honors the Scholarship, Dedication and Enthusiasm as a Participant in the Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot in Vienna, Austria


Major Publications:


I. English Books

1. Private International Law in China, Law Press, China (2010).

2. Conflict of Laws in the People’s Republic of China, Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd., U.K., forthcoming.


II. Chinese Books

Budang Deli de Guojisifa Wenti[Unjust Enrichment in Private International Law], Wuhan University Press (2006).


III. Translations of Books

1. Chinese Edition of Choice of Law and Multistate Justice (Friedrich K. Juenger), Peking University Press (2007);

2. Chinese Edition of Ethics and Values in the Information Age (Joel Rudinow &Anthony Graybosch), Peking University Press (2009).

3.Chinese Edition of If you are an egalitarian, How come you are so rich? Peking University Press (2009).



I.                   Selected Academic Articles (in English) Published outside China

1.      An Imperfect Improvement: The New Conflict of Laws Act of the People’s Republic of China, International & Comparative Law Quarterly, Vol. 60:4(2011);

2.      China’s Codification of Conflicts Law: Latest Efforts, Seoul Law Journal, Vol. 51, No. 3 (2010);

3.      An Overview of Chinese Family Law, New Asian Forum Vol.3, (2010, Seoul Korea);

4.      Choice of Law in Tort: A Chinese Approach, Journal of Cambridge Studies Vol. 4, Issue 4, (2009);

5.      A Tiger without Teeth: The Antitrust Law of The People’s Republic of China , Asian-Pacific Law & Policy Journal, Vol. 10:1(2008)

6.      “Order Public in China's Private International Law”: American Journal of Comparative Law: Vol. 53:3(2005


II.                Selected Academic Articles (in Chinese) Published in China

1.        Shewaiqinquan Zhizhai de Falvshiyong---yi 7.23 Yongwenxian Tebiezhongda Tielu Jiaotongshiguzhong Waijishangwangchengke de Peichang wei Shijiao[Applicable Law to Torts ---A Commentary on the Dispute between the Dead and Injured Foreign Passengers and China’s Railway Ministry in the Wenzhou Train Collision of July 23] 28 Fashang Yanjiu[Studies in Law and Business] 11-18(2011).

2.        Xiaolv weiyue de Bijiaofa Yanjiu[A Comparative Study on Efficient Breach] 24 Bijiaofayanjiu[Journal of Comparative Law Review]55-64 (2011)

3.        Zhuisuo Haiwai Liushi Wenwu de Falv Wenti[Legal Issues of the Recovery of the Lost Chinese Cultural Property] Wuda Guojifa Pinglun[International Law Review of Wuhan University] VOl. 12, 92-117 (2010);

4.        Chongtufa Zhimi de Jinjifenxi[A Econimic Analysis of Conflicts Law Enigma] 12 Zhongguo Guojisifa yu Bijiaofa Niankan[Chinese Yearbook of Private International Law and Comparative Law]153-186 2009.

5.        Gonggongzhixubaoliu de Lishi Xianzhu yu Weilai: Fazhexue Yujing xia de Sikao[The Past, Present and Future of Public Order: A Reflection in the context of Philosophy of Law], 39 minshangfa luncong[Series of Civil and Commercial Law ]522-49 (2008);

6.        Meiguo Fayuan Chaming Waiguofa Kaocha[The Proof of Foreign Law in the United State Courts], 4 Beijing Keji daxue xuebao[Academic Jounanl of Beijing University of Science and Technology]78, 78-83 (2007);

7.        Gonggongzhixu zai Meiguo de Siyong, Jianping Dui Zhongguo de Jianjie[Public Policy in The United State and What can China Learn from It]1 Faxue Pinglun[Law Review] 52, 52-58(2007);

8.        Chongtuguifan de Fazhanquzhi yu Renmmin Fayuan Shiyong Shi Ying Zhuyi de Shixiang[Developing Trends of Conflict Rules and the Several Issues that should be Taken Notice in the Application of Conflict Rule by the People’s Court], Rennmen Fayuanbao[People’s Court Daily], Oct. 10, 2006;

9.        Yingmei Zhaifa de Disan ZHizhu: Ranhuan QIngqiuquanfa Tanxi [A Study on the Third Pillar of Anglo-American Obligation Law----Restitution Law], 3 Bjiaofa Yanjiu[Journal of Comparative Law] 45, 45-62 (2006);

10.    Zhongguo Budangdeli Zhidu de Goujian yu Wanshan [On the Improvement of Chinese Unjustified Enrichment Institution] 2 Qiushi Quekan[Journal of Truth Seeking] 83,83-89(2006);

11.    Dingxin Duixiang de Zairenshi[On the Objective of Characterization in Private International Law] 9 Zhongguo Guojisifa yu Bijiaofa Niankan[Chinese Yearbook of Private International Law and Comparative Law]280, 280-289 (2006).;

12.    Jingdu Yidingshu Shuping[Commentary on Kyoto Protocol], Rennmen Fayuanbao[People’s Court Daily]Feb.20, 2006; 

13.    Mengtelier Gonyue Shuping[Commentary on Montreal Convention], Rennmen Fayuanbao[People’s Court Daily], Jan 9, 2006;

14.    Wuyinguanli de Falv Shiyong: Lifa lunzhengyu Jianyi[Conflict Rules for negotiorum gestio: A Legislative Suggestion and Demonstration], 5 Wuhan Daxue Xuebao[Academic Journal of Wuhan University] 607, 607-611 (2005);

15.    Budangdeli de Falv Shiyong Guize [Conflict Rules For Unjust Enrichment], 3 Faxue Yanjiu[Chinese Journal of Law] 128,128-139(2004);

16.    Deguo Budangdeli Zhidu Yanjiu [German Unjust Enrichment Institution] (co-author with Professor Xiao Yongping), 7 Zhongguo Guojisifa yu Bijiaofa Niankan[Chinese Yearbook of Private International Law and Comparative Law] 33-68 (2004).


Book Chapters:

I.                   Book Chapters in English

National Approaches to Surrogacy: China, in International Surrogacy Arrangements: Legal Regulation at the International Level (Edited by Paul Beaumont), Hart Publishing Ltd.(U.K.), 2012.


II.                Book Chapters in Chinese

1.      Private International Law (Edited by Zhao Xianglin), Press of CUPL (2009, 2010, 2011)

2.      Private International Law (Edited by Du Xinli) Higher Education Press (2007, 2011)

3.      Understanding the Act of the Application of Laws on Foreign Related Civil Relationships, Law Press, China (2011).


Academic Projects:

1.      Project Sponsored by the Ministry of Education of the PRC, Project No 09YJC820115.

2.      Project Sponsored by China National Social Sciences Fund, Project No. 10CFX077.

3.      Project Sponsored by State Administration of Cultural Heritage of China, Project No. 20110205


International Exchange:

8/2009-8/2010               Visiting faculty of School Law at Seoul National University, Korea

1/2007-6/2007               Visiting faculty of Minnesota University School of Law, U.S.A.

7/2004-8/2004               Student of The Hague Academy of International Law