International students

Name: FAN Xiaobo


Professor Fan'research focuses on International Economical Law and International Financial Law as well as the law of WTO and Maritime Law. She has published widely on international economic law, international financial Law and Maritime Law.

Professor Fan has been a member of the International Law School of China University of Political Science and Law(CUPL)since 1994 after she graduated from WUHAN University. She has received awards for outstanding teaching.


Professor of Law

Tutor of Master Degree Graduate



Ph.D of Law, China University of political science and law

Master of Law, Wuhan University

Visiting Scholar of Duquesne University



Association of Chinese society of International Economic Law

Association of Beijing Society of International Economic Law

Association of Beijing Society of International Law

Member of WTO Research society



Excellence in Education Award of CUPL (2002-2003)

Excellence in Education Award of CUPL (2009-2010)

Co author of “International Economical Law”, Higher Education press 2006, Second Prize in Second National Law Textbooks and scientific research achievement awards (2006)




Legal research on the antitrust of bank mergers in the U.S. and E.U.


International Financial Law,CUPL Press, Jan 2005


Journal Articles:

Can WTO Resolve the Currency Issue? World Trade Organization Focus,No.6,2012.

Comments on U.S Currency Reform for Fair Trade Act, Law Science Magazine No.8, 2012.

International Development of Carbon Emission Trade and its Implication. Journal of China University of Political Science and Law, No.4 2012.

The International Financial Law of 2020:China’s Role and Influence, WuHan University International Law Review, VOL.15 No.1,2012

What Will the Financial Order Be in a Decade?   Revue Juridique Themis, 2011-Vol 45 NUM3

“An Issue of Public Interest of Anti-dumping in Doha Round Negotiations”, Journal of CUPL, No.4, July 2011

“Renminbi Exchange Rate and Sino-US trade friction”, International Law Review (vol.7) 2011

“Legislation Improvement of domestic commercial banks to introduce strategic investors”, International Law Review (vol.5)

“Legal issues on CEPA and financial co-operation”, WTO and Fair trade, People's Court Press, 2006

“Several issues should be concerned on Anti-money laundering legislation”, People's Procuratorate, (Vol.17) 2006

 “The legal problem of Foreign Capital Merging and Acquisition Listed Company”, International Law Review (vol.4)

“The Liberation rules of  Financial services under the framework of WTO”,Shenzhen legal daily

“Moderate Rules on the opening of Financial Market”, International Finance News, 2003.11.24

“The definition of civil liability about securities misrepresentation”, People's court daily2003.12.10

“Attention should be given to negotiation about Multilateral Agreement on Investment”, China reform daily, 2003.12.29

“Legal Problem in the development of network bank”, Tribune of Political Science and Law 2001.6

“Information Disclosure in the tender-offer of listing company”, Review of International Economical law 2000.11

“Fraud to the Banking Guarantee and its Remedies”, Review of International Economical law1997.4


Book Chapters

International Economical Law, 4th ed, CUPL press, 2012.

International Economical Law, 3rd ed, China Renmin University Press Aug 2011.

Maritime law, 3rd ed, CUPL Press Jan 2011.

International Economical Law, 2nd ed, Law Press 2009

International Economical Law, 2nd ed, Higher Education press, Aug 2008.

Teaching Program of International Economical case Law, Law Press2004

Case analysis of International Economic Law, Higher Education press, 2008.

Comments on the cases of International Economical Law, law Press, Aug 2005

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International Financial Law after crisis era .Wuhan University Press, 2010.

Teaching Program of Chinese contract law, 2nd ed, CUPL Press, 2002



Legal research on the Export Credit in the view of Multilateral rules,2012

Research on legal issues of Constructing China's carbon emissions trading system, 2010

Legal issues of cross-border bank mergers and acquisitions,2006

Effects on the Consignor of the Rotterdam rules, 2010

Consulting on Rules of the WTO Doha Round negotiations, 2010

Research on the law of the United States promoting to Exports, 2011

Research on Interim Measures for the Administration of Financing Guarantee Companies, 2010. Research on WTO and Core labour Standard rights, 2003



Visiting Scholar of Duquesne University